Scholarships, grants, and awards are all great opportunities to seek financial support for your education and other academic experiences. See below to learn about how these differ from each other:

Scholarships are typically money given to an individual by a university/college or other organizations to fund the education/studies of that person. These can have a wide range of eligibility criteria including demographic status (e.g., racial or ethnic identity, sex, and so on), financial need, academic performance (e.g., your grades or membership in an honor society), athletic skill, participation in a specific club/organization, or based on a creative submission.
Research awards recognize an individual’s scientific achievements. These can be through a university/college or through professional organizations. Some involve a money reward, some money to fund a specific project, or others a trophy/plaque. 
Travel awards/scholarships are designed to provide money to support travel, hotel stay, and/or registration to attend a professional conference. Some travel awards/scholarships will require that you are already presenting your research at a conference, and some do not. Others may require some sort of service in return, such as volunteering to help with registration for attendees.
Research grants involve money that goes towards supporting a specific research project. Some specialized research grants may also be used to cover the cost of training and educational activities, tuition, and conference travel/lodging. There are many types of grants, including: 1) foundation grants, which are offered by privately run organizations or non-profit organizations; 2) non-governmental organization grants, which are offered by other non-profit entities operating separately from the government, such as the World Health Organization; and 2) governmental organization grants, which are offered by federal (civilian or military), state, or local government program. One such federal grant program is the National Institutes of Health (NIH for short), and within this there are many different grant subtypes that differ by research focus or career stage. 

Current N2N Scholarships/Awards



Past N2N Scholarships/Awards

AACN Travel Scholarship (March 2023)

N2N partnered with American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN) to award travel scholarships for undergraduate students and postbaccs to attend the AACN conference in June 2022. This scholarship was specifically for individuals from historically underrepresented backgrounds. Come back each year for additional conference travel scholarships!

Green and yellow flyer for the N2N AACN Travel Scholarship

Neuropsych Starter Pack Giveaway (December 2022 & 2023)

N2N launched its first Neuropsych Starter Pack Giveaway, with prizes including sponsored memberships to the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN) and a selection of books to help you on your path to becoming a neuropsychologist. Applicants were asked to us their reason(s) for wanting to learn more about neuropsychology and to share their interest with us through a medium that felt authentic to them and/or showcased their personal strengths. Come back each year for additional giveaways!

Graduate School Application Scholarship (October 2022 & 2023)

N2N partnered with the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology to award scholarships for undergraduate students and post-baccs applying to Clinical/Counseling Psychology doctoral programs. These scholarships were specifically for underrepresented students with financial need. Come back each fall for additional Grad School Application Scholarships!


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