Why become a neuropsychology? Having a positive impact, inspiration from loved ones, novelty and intellectual engagement, or job security and salary.

View the infographic below for a summary of key results from a recent survey of neuropsychologists:

Neuropsychology practice and salary survey. Starting salaries. Neuropsychologists in their first three years of practice earn an average salary of $104,000. Earning potential. Across all career stages, neuropsychologists earn an average salary of around $170,000. Job activities. In addition to clinical work, most neuropsychologists also engage in teaching, training, and/or research. Satisfaction and outlook. Job satisfaction among neuropsychologists is high, and most report a positive outlook on the future of the field. From Sweet, Klipfel, Nelson, & Moberg, 2021. Professional practices, beliefs, and incomes of U.S. neuropsychologists: The AACN, NAN, SCN 2020 practice and salary survey.

Is Clinical Psychology right for you?

Most people who specialize in neuropsychology in the United States have completed their education with a doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology. 

Listen to Episode 1: Should You Go Into Clinical Psychology? of the Clinically Psyched podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Soundcloud to decide if a doctorate in Clinical Psychology is right for you!

Watch video testimonials from diverse neuropsychologists about why they love working in this field:

Now that you know why neuropsychology is a great field, learn about how to become a neuropsychologist:

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