Summer Research Programs

See below for examples of wonderful opportunities to gain research experience at institutions around the United States! These are great experiences for high school and undergraduate students to gain more exposure to research in fields related to neuropsychology, like neursocience, neurology, health science, psychology, and public health.

Michigan Health Sciences Summer Institute

“The Michigan Health Sciences Summer Institute (MHSSI) is comprised of three academies that expose learners to careers in the health sciences, foster leadership development, enhance academic skills, and prepare them for admission to medical school. Our goal is to encourage personal and professional growth in students throughout the academic pipeline, from high school through college.”

High school students: The Summer Pre-College Exposure Academy (SPEA) is designed to give highly-motivated high school students exposure to healthcare professions and enrollment into an SAT Prep Course.

Undergraduate students: The Undergraduate Research Academy (URA) is designed to immerse students in a research experience and provide professional development opportunities. 

Emory University: Mind Body Brain and Behavior (MB3) Program

“Emory University’s MB3 program is a year-long research experience in psychology complemented by graduate school preparation.”  It consists of the following: 

  1. 10 1.5-hour online workshop sessions in the spring and fall
  2. 10-week intensive summer research program with a $6000 stipend and travel assistance
  3. Full-time research with an Emory University faculty member
  4. Presenting research at Emory University at the end of the summer
  5. Mentorship regarding preparation for graduate school applications

Summer of Translational Aging Research for Undergraduates (STAR U) at Columbia University

“The Summer of Translational Aging Research for Undergraduates (STAR U) Program is a 2-month fully-funded research training program designed to encourage students from diverse and underrepresented communities to pursue further studies and careers in aging and neuroscience related research.”

Youth Neurology Education and Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital

“The Mass General Youth Neurology Education and Research Program engages youth from communities underrepresented in neurology. We particularly focus on providing educational and research opportunities to female, Black, Latinx, American Indian, and first-generation youth across Massachusetts.

We aim to inspire by offering exposure to leading neurologists and neuroscientists from diverse backgrounds, equip through paid opportunities to engage in mentored educational and research activities, and empower with structured support to translate contributions into publications, presentations, and awards that facilitate the academic advancement of participating youth.”

Summer Neuroscience Internship Program (SNIP) at the University of Florida

“The Summer Neuroscience Internship Program aims to support college students from diverse backgrounds who seek to pursue doctoral (Ph.D.) training in neuroscience and prepare for rewarding careers in biomedical research, education and enterprise. “

Clinical Neuroscience Immersion Experience (CNI-X) at Stanford University

  1. 10-day session with intro to neuroscience, psychiatry, and psychology
  2. Collaborative capstone project
  3. High school students and recent grads
  4. Virtual and in-person options
  5. Scholarships available
  6. Includes a complementary program for underrepresented minority students (CNI-X+)

Neuroscience Research Academy at Penn

  1. 9th through 11th grade students
  2. Exploring biological foundations of the brain
  3. Residential program
  4. Lectures, discussions, lab activities, field trips, and more
  5. Program tuition with financial aid

Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP) at the University of Illinois-Chicago

“The goal of SROP is to introduce domestic underrepresented sophomores and juniors to academic research experiences. Student participants work one-on-one with a faculty mentor giving them an opportunity to experience research and the graduate student experience. “

American Psychological Association (APA) Summer Undergraduate Psychology Experience in Research Fellowships

“The American Psychological Association will offer up to 25 fellowships to college students from underrepresented groups to conduct summer research in a psychological science laboratory. The purpose of this fellowship program is to promote diversity among psychology undergraduates considering research as a career by expanding access to laboratory training and mentorship.”

Kennedy Krieger Institute: Center for Diversity in Public Health Leadership Training

“The Center for Diversity in Public Health Leadership Training at Kennedy Krieger Institute offers four programs designed to provide educational opportunities for undergraduate- and graduate-level students in the fields of public health, maternal and child health, infectious diseases, and developmental disabilities. These leadership opportunities focus on the social determinants of health and addressing health disparities through clinical, research, and community engagement and advocacy activities.”

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