Neuropsychology is the study of brain behavior relationships

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What is a psychologist? A professional trained in the study of human thought, emotion, and behavior. Psychologists can work in many roles, including professor, clinician, researcher, and consultant. Most neuropsychologists are trained first as a clinical or counseling psychologist. Specialties. Neuropsychology is one of many specialty areas in psychology. Related specialties include school psychology, health psychology, and rehabilitation psychology. Neuropsychologist. A psychologist with specialty expertise in the relationships between the brain and behavior. How does the brain produce behavior? How is behavior altered when something happens to the brain? Work activities. Assessment, diagnosis, recommendations, and intervention. Evaluate a person's thinking skills and emotional/behavioral functioning and provide recommendations to the patient and their family. Work locations. Neuropsychologists work in many settings, including VA/military, sports medicine, and forensics/legal settings. Multidisciplinary teams are becoming increasingly popular. Populations served. Neuropsychologists can specialize in neurodevelopmental/pediatric populations, geriatric populations, or in conditions across the lifespan.

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The Association of Neuropsychology Students and Trainees (ANST) provides an overview of neuropsychology, including the components of a neuropsychological evaluation and common work settings for neuropsychologists, on this webpage.

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Drs. Ryan Van Patten and John Bellone provide an overview of neuropsychology including the training required to become a neuropsychologist and similarities and differences between neuropsychology and related fields in this podcast episode.

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In this video lecture, neuropsychologists from Spain, Grenada, Canada, and Latin America discuss neuropsychology in their respective regions.

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This video was created by the Association of Neuropsychology Students & Trainees, of the Society for Clinical Neuropsychology. Learn more about ANST here!

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KnowNeuropsychology is a great, free resource to learn more about the field. You can watch webinars on their website about neuroanatomy, clinical disorders, professional development, clinical practice, and research. 

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