How do I become a neuropsychologist? The steps to become a neuropsychologist in the United States include college, graduate school, predoctoral internship, postdoctoral fellowship, licensure, and can include board certification. There is no one single way to become a neuropsychologist, and neuropsychologists come from many backgrounds!
Steps to becoming a neuropsychologist in the United States. Required steps include graduating from high school, obtaining a bachelor’s degree, obtaining a doctoral degree like a PhD, PsyD, or EdD, completing a postdoctoral fellowship, and licensure. Optional steps include obtaining an associate’s degree, taking a gap year, and board certification.

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Houston Conference Guidelines

The steps outlined above to becoming a neuropsychologist in the United States follow what is known as the “Houston Conference Guidelines”. The Houston Conference took place in 1997 during which neuropsychologists gathered with the aim to advance an aspirational, integrated model of specialty training in clinical neuropsychology. You can read the full policy statement here, which outlines the education and training guidelines for clinical neuropsychology. 

These guidelines will be updated through the “Minnesota Update Conference” taking place in September 2022, with a focus on the following 3 topics:

  1. Incorporate a well-articulated competency-based approach to training
  2. Integration of multiracial/ multiethnic/ multicultural issues within every training experience and competency
  3. Incorporation of new technologies and advances in neuroscience, data analytics, and computer technology

Watch this video recording of the town hall for students to learn more about the Minnesota Update Conference!

View the graphic below for an overview of the key steps to becoming a neuropsychologist:

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